GrabPoints Review – Get Free Gift Cards from Simple Online Jobs

GrabPoints Review – Get Free Gift Cards from Simple Online Jobs

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GrabPoints is a mobile-based app, which will allow the users to achieve points by successfully completing different surveys and offers, watching funny videos, entering some promo codes, and so on. In this post, I will discuss an in-depth GrabPoints review so that you can know more about it and can earn free gift cards.

GrabPoints is free to join. In fact, you don’t need to pay any money while registering. After completing your registration, GrabPoints will give you a referral URL, which is unique and is only for you. You can use this referral URL smartly to earn more points. If you share your own referral URL and ask your family or friends to register and earn money, you will get the advantage. For example, when one of your referrals earns 100 points, you will get 50 additional points.

For signing up, the only information that you need to provide is – “Your name”, and “Your email address”.

Now you may think –

  • What to do on this website?
  • What are the tasks?
  • How does this process work?
  • What about the GrabPoints review? Is it real?

Don’t worry. I will discuss one by one, including GrabPoints review.

Before I discuss further, you need to know about the advertisers.

GrabPoints basically helps online businesses with their customers. It works with different advertisers to attain a similar goal – ROI. They will continue testing until their users achieve their goals.

How does GrabPoints work?

This is a four-step process, and you will face all the steps one by one. Let us see –

  • Advertisers will pay the GrabPoints for your engagements
  • They will continue members like those people who accomplish the tasks, take online surveys, and so on.
  • You have to do different online activities like taking surveys, downloading their suggested apps, watching some videos, and so on.
  • Earn and spend. You can earn points, and then via the earned points, you can claim gift cards.

What are the tasks that the users should do?

  1. By watching videos

Simply, you need to watch videos and earn money. After watching a single video, you will earn a point, and after earning a minimum number of points, you can claim a gift card or cash. Firstly, you have to sign up as I said earlier, and then you can start watching videos. Watching videos is like watching a program on TV or on YouTube. Go to YouTube and find a channel, and start watching videos. There are no requirements that you have to watch a specific category of video. You can see the videos whatever you like.

Sometimes, they provide channels to watch, depending on your age and location. In this case, you have to follow them. In addition to this, you can also cover videos related to sports or entertainment. Like the TV, you can change the channels if you want. There are no limitations to watching videos. You can watch as several videos as you can. Your points will be added to your account when the video will end. That’s all. If they give you some requirements, please read them carefully.

  1. Answering the surveys

It is a lucrative task because they will give the biggest point after answering the surveys. In the survey, you have to share your opinion. Companies are willing to pay for your valuable opinion. GrabPoints works with bigger markets and companies so that those companies can know about the market condition and the requirements of the customers. To assist the partners, GrabPoints accept their survey form and distribute it to the members.

Don’t worry. GrabPoints works with high-paying and authentic companies. So, you will get your points. Answering surveys will help you to get the highest payout. I can confidently say that GrabPoints will provide you with the highest point in answering surveys compared with the competitors.

To start answering a survey, you can pick your survey provider, but I have to inform you that the survey tasks will vary depending on the location. You can choose survey walls, or you can choose survey routers. After selecting your survey, you can start answering them. However, be careful with a few providers like TheoremReach or TapResearch, as they can give you a partial point, or even disqualify your answer.

  1. Completing offers

There are massive numbers of companies that are waiting for you to let you try their product or service. At first, they will offer a free trial to enjoy their services. Because of positive GrabPoints review, they know that GrabPoints can give them a super boost. That’s why they have teamed up with GrabPoints, and GrabPoints, in turn, allow its users to complete those offers. Completing all these offers is a great way to earn points.

You are free to take any offers that you like. There are several varieties of offers including – paid trial offers, non-paid trial offers, testing apps, visiting a website, and so on. All these offers arrive from a lot of companies, and often they have some requirements. For instance, if you consider a mobile app game, they may require you to sign up for the game, create a character, and play for some certain period, and after that, you can delete it if you want. On the other hand, an entertainment-related app or offer will pay you after you get a subscription to their services.

 GrabPoints prizes

Let us see the prizes and gift cards that GrabPoints will offer you –

  • Netflix: You can convert your points to get Netflix codes.
  • Free Apple Music Subscriptions: You can convert your points to receive free apple music subscriptions.

Similarly, you can get free Facebook game credits, free Apple gift cards, free Uber gift cards, free Subway gift cards, free Skype credits, free Airbnb coupon codes, free Starbucks gift cards, free Spotify premium subscription.

GrabPoints review – what do customers say about it?

Firstly, in these dramatic days of the world (COVID-19), people are thanking GrabPoints because of its excellent services. Some customers have stated that GrabPoints is like a friend of them who is helping them in this outbreak. There are also some new members who are having a great time with GrabPoints. A lot of positive GrabPoints review confirm that this application is really helpful to use.

Around 74% of the users have declared GrabPoints as an excellent website to earn gift cards, and cash, 9% of the users have said that GrabPoints is great, while 4% have addressed GrabPoints as an average. Customers are highly pleased with their customer support and quick response. Another amazing thing is that GrabPoints pays the users faster than its competitors.

You can visit their website to see some recent GrabPoints review and user comments. They have said that GrabPoints is very easy to use, and one has to fill the surveys to earn money and gift cards. They are having a great time with GrabPoints. Some customers have mentioned GrabPoints as a very reliable website and 100% legit.

However, there are some customers who have an objection to the review process. They have stated that GrabPoints has taken their account under review when they claim their gift cards or cash. But, GrabPoints, on the other hand, has responded to their objection quite fast.

Pros and Cons of GrabPoints 


  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Better than the competitors
  • Easier tasks
  • Faster payments
  • Excellent response from the support team



  • The account goes under review while claiming rewards
  • Answering surveys is limited to some countries


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GrabPoints Review – Get Free Gift Cards from Simple Online Jobs
GrabPoints Review – Get Free Gift Cards from Simple Online Jobs
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