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Gusto is a cloud-based, “all-in-one people platform” that helps both small and medium-sized businesses to take care of their teams. It was launched in 2012 as Zenpayroll and has been growing consistently. Gusto prides in serving more than 100,000 businesses in the United States. It provides a single, integrated solution to take care of all your business’s crucial HR process and corporate payroll services.

It processes tens of billions of dollars of payroll every year and handles employee benefits, including health insurance, commuter benefits, and 401(k). Not only that, it even helps businesses building great workplaces. It is super easy to set up with Gusto; all you need to do is answer business-related questions. Once you are done, you will be given a dashboard from where you can manage all the options of the software.

Gusto Features

Unmatched Corporate Payroll Services

Gusto is probably the most easy-to-use payroll program available in the market. Unlike most payroll software, Gusto payroll doesn’t require you to sit through training sessions. You only need to enter the basic details of your company, and you’re good to go.

Gusto is capable of running four different types of payroll; regular, bonus, off-cycle, and termination.


Business owners have a lot on their plates sometimes, and they can use all the help they can get. Gusto can run on autopilot, freeing you to attend to your other tasks. All you need to do is enable the autopilot feature, set up the employees’ direct deposit payments and Gusto will automatically run payroll for you a day before the set-up deadline. It’ll also send you an email once the process is complete. You can make edits 24 hours before the software runs the payroll.

HR Templates

The reason Gusto calls themselves the all-in-one people platform is because it’s multi-functional. You can use it to run Payroll and even HR as it is loaded with HR templates. You don’t have to spend your time manually creating HR documents; just select a template, enter the details, and you’re done.

Team Insights

Employees don’t like to speak about their issues due to fear of repercussions publically, and even if they do, it will be sugar-coated. With Gusto Team Insights, you can send out surveys to your employees which they can rate privately. Once you receive their answers, you can take the necessary steps to remedy the things causing problems.

Gusto Pricing and Service Plans

Most payroll services don’t provide multiple service and pricing plan options, but Gusto payroll is an exception. The software offers three different plans; each plan consists of payroll tax and payroll processing services, but offer different human resources features and tools.

The three service plans include;


The first Gusto’s services plan includes a base fee of $39/month, plus $6/employee. It is the cheapest service plan and offers only a few HR features – employee self-service, full-service payroll, workers compensation, paid time off tracking, health benefits, and administration.


Gusto’s complete plan has the same fee as the core version, $39 per month, but the monthly, per-employee fee is $12. The ‘Complete’ plan includes all features as the ‘Core’ plan. This plan also includes employee offers and onboarding tools, complete paid-time-off management and employee directories, surveys, and more.


Third and last plan of Gusto has more features than others; that’s why it is more expensive. The base fee for the concierge plan is $149/month and $12/employee. This plan includes the features of both Core and Complete plans as well as more extensive HR tools. This extra level of HR support includes HR on-demand services that give you access to HR professionals who can answer any questions or issues you have. It includes an HR resource centre that helps to make HR guides, job descriptions, employee handbooks, and harassment training. With the concierge plan, you have a dedicated support team you can contact in case you have any issues with the service.


Gusto VS Zenefits

Gusto and Zenefits are two HR review software, launched for small and medium-sized businesses. Both software is comprised of similar products and services; some features make them different from one another. We will discuss the differences between Gusto and Zenefits to help you choose the best HR review platform that suits your business objects perfectly.


Gusto offers automated payroll that can identify problems for businesses which run irregular pay cycles, but for everyone else, it significantly decreases the time spent running payroll.

Gusto takes care of calculating taxes and procedures for covering the finances, and it also sends your employees automated email notifications on salary day. Gusto provides individual support from certified HR experts when you sign up for the concierge plan that is not offered by any other software. This means that you can call Gusto with queries about any topic from open enrollment, to compliance by industry to receive personal support from a certified HR professional.

Also, Gusto sends you alerts about the new change in laws such as minimum pay hikes, office safety, and other industry-specific regulations to help you stay submissive.

Collecting every possible consideration for industry-wide documents is a time-consuming task. Therefore, a concierge plan from Gusto offers templates that you can download and customize for your business to manage proper documentation. This consists of models like employee handbooks, offer letters, performance evaluations, and others.

Gusto also provides full harassment prevention training through its concierge plan.


The biggest difference you’ll find when running a Gusto vs Zenefits comparison is that Zenefits is an HR suite and Gusto is a complete platform for payroll, HR, compliance, benefits administration, and more. Zenefits is pricier than Gusto when considering the functionality of both platforms. In Zenefits, access to sensitive data requires two-factor authentication and uses high-grade TLS to transfer data and AES-128 multi-layered encryption for data at rest.

Pros and cons


All Access Demo Account

Gusto provides an all-access demo account, so you can test the program before you buy the full version. The demo account provides full access to all the features of the Gusto payroll system; you can play around with numbers, test the program, and explore with all the features without worrying about messing up the system.


How often do you get rewarded by your cloud-based payroll software? Almost never, but that’s not the case with Gusto. All you have to do is refer Gusto payroll to your friends, and once they sign up, you’ll both get a $100 reward in the shape of an Amazon gift card.

Payroll Reports

Gusto payroll provides detailed reports so that you can learn about your company’s finances. After running the payroll, you can generate a Full Cash Requirements Report. If you think that’s not detailed enough, it can produce a Payroll Journal Report; it breaks down everything from employee’s salary, taxes, expenses, and more.


Unlike other SaaS platforms, Gusto is fast and doesn’t take a lot of time to load. With Gusto, you get a user-experience so seamless that you forget about the speed. The only time it may lag is when it’s calculating the payroll, but not as much as other payroll solutions.


US-Only Service

Even though Gusto may be the right fit for your business, it is currently limited to the US. You can’t even use a VPN to spoof your location to sign-up, because it requires a US-based bank account to set up.


Gusto is well-suited for small businesses, but its prices may not be affordable for the small business owners. Their complete plan costs $39/month with an additional monthly $12/user, but if you consider the fact that Gusto eliminates the need to hire payroll clerk or an agency, it might not be that pricey after all.

No Mobile App

Sadly, Gusto doesn’t have a mobile app yet, which is a major downside of the platform. So unless you are in your office, you can’t process employee’s requests even if you get the email on your phone. You can log in to Gusto by using your phone’s browser, but the experience is not the same as you’d get from a mobile app.

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