Meilo Payments Review – Keep Your Cash Longer

Meilo Payments Review – Keep Your Cash Longer

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Meilo payment is a software, which will allow you to use your credit card and can pay any business bill online. You can get control over your cash flow and extend the float. If you are about to pay with a bank transfer, then you have to set up a schedule and shouldn’t pay too early. In this post, I will discuss an in-depth meilo payments review and the followings –

  • Why should you use it?
  • How does it work?
  • Pricing plan and features
  • Meilo payments review – what do customers say about it?
  • Pros and cons of meilo payments

Why should you use Meilo payments?

  • You will stop waiting for checks

Instead of waiting for a week, you can use meilo payments, because, with this software, you will receive your payments or send the payments quickly and directly to a bank account within 1 or 3 business days. You don’t need to pay any fees.

  • Your clients and customers will love it

Businesses these days, love to pay cash to customers or clients with Meilo. It is because Meilo will take only a few clicks to send money. You can pay with debit cards or bank transfer for free.

  • A digital process

You can use Meilo as it will centralize your entire request in your dashboard. The process and appearance are simple as you can easily understand that.

  • You can free up cash by paying with your credit card

You can pay your vendors with your business credit cards even if the receivers don’t accept them. You will receive your rewards and can take the advantages for up to 45 days until your next credit card billing cycle.

  • You can schedule and manage different due dates

You can stop setting those reminders and worrying about late payments. Also, there is no need to pay too early. You can set up a scheduled payment transaction, and everything will be automatically paid.

How does it work?

You can pay or get paid with Meilo payments. There are different steps but are very simple. Let us have a look.

While paying money

Add the bill details

While paying your customers, you will enter the details manually. You can also upload a file or even can take a photo of the invoice. The process is very easy. You can also integrate the QuickBooks to auto-sync it.

Pay by bank or card

Schedule your payments to pay exactly when you want to pay. You need to pay with a card or bank transfer, even where your cards are rejected.

The vendor receives a check or a bank transfer

You can choose how your vendors will get paid. Meilo will send you a letter, in which there will be a check of yours.

While getting paid

Claim your pay-link

Simply you need to sign up and install your pay-link and send it to your customers. You customers can pay you within a few clicks even without needing your bank details.

Request your payment

You need to share an invoice specific payment request link with your customer and can track your payment once it is clicked.

Receive your payment fast

Your customers will pay with their bank or cards, and it is not necessary that they need to sign up. Your payments will arrive safely to your accounts within two business days.

The pricing plan of Meilo payments

There are neither any monthly fees nor delivery fees. Before discussing Meilo payments review, let us see their pricing plan –

There are 3 pricing plans for the payment system – when you will pay, and when you will get paid.

When you pay

Credit card

Meilo will send a mail, in which there will be a check on your behalf or deposit the payment to your client’s bank account. If you are using a credit card, there will be 2.9% fees. Still, you can up to 4.75%.

Bank transfer

Meilo payments will send your vendor a mail on your behalf. The bank transfer is free, and there won’t be any charges. You can save the cost of check handling with the Meilo payment.

Debit card

Similarly, Meilo will send your vendor mail on your behalf. There won’t be any fees to send money. You can save the cost of handling checks and can improve your spend management.

When getting paid

For you

For the transaction, there won’t be any monthly fees. You can open a free account.

For your customers

When they give you the cash with a bank transfer or a debit card, then there won’t be any charges. However, if they pay you with a credit card, then there will be 2.9% charge.

Meilo Payments Review – what do customers say about it?

Meilo has a lot of users, and almost all of them have given positive meilo payments review.

A customer reports that she constantly has a lot of suppliers coming and going to her business to pick up checks, which is tiring. She uses Meilo and finally has a quiet environment in her office. Now she can focus on her restaurant.

Some customers have reported that Meilo is user friendly and is very easy to use. Besides, customer service is also great. They have found that Meilo has given them the taste of freedom, as the recipients can make their transactions faster. Meilo treats its customers like they are real people. The onboarding is easy. Their support was impressive as they received help whenever there were troubles.

Another customer uses Meilo to send his ACH transfers. He has insisted that one can quickly upload and create the bills, set up a schedule and can pay at the right time. He has found it very easy and fun to use. Meilo helps them to maintain cash flow. To know more about Meilo payments review, you can search on Google.

This software is free to use, and the cost, as well as charge, are too low. It is simple and efficient. Customers are always happy since there is no problem with the transaction processes. Besides, the software is very intuitive and doesn’t need different layers of registration, which is indeed annoying. Besides, the 2.9% charge is very low. In fact, it is the cheapest way to send or receive money.

Statistics reveal that 67% of Meilo users have regarded Meilo as excellent software to send money to their vendors. Some customers state that the website is well-designed, and the email notifications are also great. Another customer has stated that the ability to use credit cards to pay the distributors through ACH seems quite easy. He has found the Meilo payments system is the easiest.

However, it is a huge limitation that you can’t pay your vendors who do not live in the USA. Besides, sometimes they run into sites, which might not work with this Meilo. So, some customers demand more details on the progress of the transaction as well as the audit trail. They think that it would be a great solution. If you want to know more about Meilo payments review, you can visit their website.

Pros and Cons of Meilo payments 


  • Fast and easy onboarding
  • Excellent customer support
  • Little fees (2.9%) when you get paid, and no charges when you pay
  • Syncs directly with Quickbooks
  • Easy registration process
  • Vendors can be paid via ACH



  • Vendors should be in USA
  • Lack of international payments


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Meilo Payments Review – Keep Your Cash Longer
Meilo Payments Review – Keep Your Cash Longer
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