Swagbucks – Do Tasks Online for Money

Swagbucks – Do Tasks Online for Money

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Swagbucks is an American loyalty and rewards program operator that is operated by Prodege, LLC. It is a great website for earning money. All that you need to do is – “Do tasks online for money.” The tasks are appealing and fun to do. Also, the tasks aren’t so hard.

In this post, I will explain how you can do tasks online for money in swagbucks.

Every day, whatever you do online, you will earn points. With those points, you will get gift cards and cash. That’s all. The entire process is very simple.

Before I discuss more on swagbucks like how you can make money from it, what are the online tasks that you need to do, let’s know about them first.

What is swagbucks?

Swagbucks is the most popular and common reward on the web, which will provide you free gift cards and cash whatever you do online every day. When you shop at your favorite retailers, search for anything on the web, answer any surveys, watch funny and entertaining videos, or find great deals, you will start earning points. You can also reclaim your earned points for gift cards to your preferred retailers such as Walmart or Amazon or can get back your cash from Paypal. Already, this excellent reward program has paid out more than $417,940,332 in cash as well as free gift cards. You can put back the cash in your wallet. Amazingly, it is absolutely free to join.

How does it work?

Today you will learn how you can earn free gift cards with this program. You simply have to do tasks online for money. There are three simple steps –

Join the swagbucks

In the beginning, when you sign up and join them, they will reward you with free gift cards every day. You will get the reward for whatever you do online.

Earn points

You need to shop online, search for anything on the web, answer some surveys, find good deals, or watch funny or entertaining videos to earn money. What do you think? Are these tasks really hard?

Grab the gift cards

These gift cards will be free. You can reclaim your points in exchange for free gift cards to your favorite marketplaces, such as Walmart or Amazon. Also, you can get back your cash from PayPal.

Now, surely, you will have the following questions –

  • What should I shop? What should I answer?
  • What should I watch?
  • What should I discover?
  • What should I search?
  • What games should I play?

These questions are common. Let’s discuss them as well.

1.What to shop?

Cashback shopping at more than 1500 retailers includes Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Starbucks. You can earn SB points for each dollar that you will spend, and in addition to this, you will also get access to fascinating coupons and deals to your preferred retailers.

2.What to answer?

This is simple. You have to answer the surveys. It is not so difficult. In those surveys, you have to share your opinion. Thus you can get free gift cards and can earn SB points when you answer funny polls and surveys.

3. What to watch?

This is really interesting. You can earn money by watching videos. What type of video should you watch? It is entertaining. Just watch any funny or entertaining videos, and you will get free gift cards. You can earn SB points for watching the playlists that the swagbucks has kept for you.

4. What to discover?

Perhaps you are confused at this point. What should I discover to get free gift cards? It is simple, as well. So, no panic. You need to check those exclusive offers and deals which are going on from the reputed brands. When you sign up for new services, you will earn SB points. In addition to this, keep checking out for the free samples and something more.

5. What to search?

This one is easy too. In fact, none of the tasks is hard. They have a Yahoo search engine, and you have to search the web using this search engine. You will search for anything you want. Just type anything on Yahoo, and earn the SB points.

6. What to play?

It is the most attractive task. Remember that you can do tasks online for money, so you can play games here as well. It is a great opportunity for gamers to play games and earn money. When you will make in-game purchases via their partners at the GSN, or when you will play their original free games, you will receive free cards for playing their games.

Do you want to know the rewards that swagbucks will give you?

Now, I will discuss this. You can get gift cards or can get cash from your SB points. You will surely be amazed by how simple the entire process is. Let us see the popular rewards that swagbucks will offer you –

  • Amazon.com $5 Gift Card: You can get this card at a price of 500 SB points.
  • Paypal Cash $25: You can earn this $25 at the price of 2500 SB points.
  • Paypal Cash $50: You can get $50 at a price of 5000 SB points.
  • Paypal Cash $100: You can get this huge cash at the price of 10,000 SB points.
  • Amazon/de 25 EUR Gift Certificate: You can get this reward at the price of 2500 SB (Currently it has now 33% commission).
  • Paypal Cash $250: You can get this reward at a price of 25,000 SB.
  • Amazon.it 10 EUR Gift Certificates: You can get this award at a price of 1000 SB points.
  • Paypal Cash 25 EUR: You can grab this reward at a price of 2775 SB points (Currently it has 38% commission).
  • Paypal Cash 50 EUR: You can grab this reward at the price of 5550 SB points (Currently it has 38% commission).

We have discussed a lot about swagbucks, and now it is time to see the review. What do the users say about it?

Swagbuck review

Swagbuck can be an excellent way to earn gift cards or money. But you need to be cautious and patient. This site has over 20 million registered customers who achieve points by playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, or shopping. They claim cash or gift cards in exchange for SB points.

However, most of the time, customers face a common problem, which is – “Frequent disqualifications”. So, that’s why sometimes it becomes hard to earn points and to take benefits. Some customers do a lot of surveys and rejections, and some of them receive a success rate of only 10.8%.

There are also some customers who highly recommend using swagbucks to do tasks online for money. The gifts are really great, and even you can choose a wide range of gift cards. It is a smart website to earn money. Some customers highly appreciate the rewards as they have received their gift cards and cash at the right moment. Some customers have found watching videos, playing games, and finding deals more effective than taking surveys. They use these ways to earn a lot of points.

Even there are customers who have found the games and videos so great that they recommend others to use this website to earn money. In fact, the way is funny and interesting, and there is nothing hard work to do. You can do tasks online for money, which is very simple. There are some customers who have received five stars because of their amazing performance. They have earned a lot of SB points, and after choosing the gift, they even received that at the right time.

Pros and Cons of Swagbucks 


  • Easy to register
  • User friendly
  • Easy and funny tasks
  • Lucrative gifts



  • Hard to get points
  • Sometimes it is frustrating to get positive results from surveys


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Swagbucks – Do Tasks Online for Money
Swagbucks – Do Tasks Online for Money
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