Zappos Review- a Trusted Supplier

Zappos Review- a Trusted Supplier

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Online shopping is an industry in itself. With the soaring success of Amazon, the retail industry took notice of its applications. Amazon’s rise in popularity gave rise to more online shopping portals, with major retailers opting to adopt incorporate an online portal to boost sales. It is easy to find anything online in 2020. If a customer is looking for anything, from car parts to a handbag, online shopping has them covered. But with the rise of many independent online stores, it becomes difficult to separate the reliable ones from those that are scams. And if you’ve come across the site, you might be faced with the same questions. This page is exactly where you need to be to answer those questions. Even if you haven’t heard of, read on. This Zappos review below will talk about all the details related to Zappos that you need to know before buying anything.

Zappos reviewSo, What Exactly is Zappos?

What started out as an online shoe retailer has now evolved into a full-fledged fashion store. is an online fashion retailer operating out of the US. It was originally launched as, given that they started out as a shoe retailer. As time passed by, they realized the need to diversify and became much more than a hub that sells shoes. The diversification bit is important as it helped Zappos double its revenue and made it valuable. So valuable that Amazon acquired it in 2009 for a valuation of $1.2 billion.

As part of Zappos’ strategy, they have 1301 brands selling their products on its website. These brands include major players like Nike, Converse, North Face, and ASICS to name a few. It’s a unique selling point is the other, relatively smaller brands that operate under its umbrella that have helped it grow.

Zappos has consistently ranked among the “Top Companies to Work For” and also has run a host of corporate sponsorship programs as part of its growth strategy.

A Customer-Focused Store

Upon glancing at the website, users will be constantly reminded of how Zappos is a customer-focused store. Their purpose is also rather straightforward i.e. “to live and deliver WOW”. The website design is simple, and you won’t be greeted by annoying popups that ask you to buy other items.

As mentioned before, you can pretty much buy anything “fashion-related”. Irrespective of whether you’re a Man, Woman, or a Kid, Zappos has you covered. Contrary to its owner i.e. Amazon, Zappos’ site displays the customer care number right at the top, which makes matters extremely easy. If you’ve ever contacted Amazon’s customer care, you have to do it via the site, and it asks you questions before they give you a call. So, it’s nice to see the customer care number just when you access the site as it calls for an easier solution to one’s problems (sire/service-related, of course). Also, customer service can be contacted 24/7.

Zappos featuresI read online a Zappos review which shows that the site is also easier to navigate and extremely snappy, which makes for a great shopping experience. It is important to note that the site doesn’t offer PayPal as a payment option, which might be a dealbreaker for some people. What might also deter users from accessing the site is the fact that it was hacked in 2012 and compromised the data of a chunk of its users. There haven’t been any reported hacking issues since then, it does warrant a cause of concern, especially to those users who are extremely picky about their privacy.

The Range of Products

Moving on from the technicalities, Zappos has a great range of fashion offerings. As noted earlier, its range is diverse enough to cater to your usual demands and it benefits immensely from Amazon being its parent company. It also includes offerings from some of the bigger brands like Nike, which also makes it another option for shoppers to look for products that they may have trouble finding someplace else.

To provide a great shopping experience, it also gives users the option of redeeming their gift cards, and given the prices of most of the products, it can be a huge motivator for shoppers to use the site. The products show a size chart for reference, ensuring that its customers make the right choices. If the customer realizes that the product isn’t a good fit, they can return it. This is where things get interesting because unlike other platforms where the customer has 10-15 days to return their products, Zappos gives its customers 365 i.e. a year to return the product. This is a big deal in fashion retail, whether online or offline. Now, there are some clauses that might make it difficult for it to happen, but the option to return a product under 365 days if it conforms to the clauses is noteworthy.

Other Noteworthy Areas

Similar to its competitors, Zappos has a strong social media presence. What’s interesting with its social media accounts is that they are heavily moderated by its founders. Historically, anyone who has ever left a negative review came back to report that their issue had been resolved and this is largely in part to Zappos’ strategy. It truly conforms to the customer’s first claim.

Another similarity to its competitors is with respect to its online mailing list. Upon making a purchase, it’ll ask you to join its mailing list wherein you’ll receive news on the latest offers, discounts, and exclusive coupon codes. While it may seem ordinary to long-time online shoppers, it is always worth signing up for, irrespective of the site. This also huge drives huge traffic to sites like these because they are able to build up a loyal fan base by keeping them updated and providing them “exclusive” coupons.

Zappos reviewBut the biggest differentiator might be in terms of Free Shipping. Zappos offers Free Shipping on all its orders, regardless of the order amount. They don’t even charge money from customers making returns, thus separating it from its customers. It also separates it from its parent company Amazon, which only charges shipping fees unless you have Amazon Prime.

So, is it Worth Checking Out?

YES. It serves the purpose of being a good online store and has a good range of products. What’s going for it is the fact that it has free shipping irrespective of the order amount. So, you can order the cheapest item offered by the site and you won’t have to pay anything for shipping. Another advantage is the 365-day return policy. No retailer offers that option and it has been a huge revenue driver for Zappos. While the hacking incident might throw one-off, it doesn’t take away from the fact that it does a fine job as an online fashion retailer.

Final Words

With an excellent return policy and quality product, Zappos is a favorite shopping place for many. It has a beautiful and easy to use interference. You can select your items and place an order without any issue. We hope this Zappos review has made things clear for you. Many Zappos reviews online show that it is a favorite of ladies. However, like any other business, there are a few things that Zappos still needs to improve.   These are given below under the cons head.

Pros and Cons of Zappos


  • Free Shipping on All Orders
  • 365 Day Return Policy
  • Fast Website
  • Availability of 24/7 Customer Service
  • Values Customer Reviews


  • Absence of PayPal
  • Simple Website
  • Doesn’t Include Every Major Brand

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Zappos Review- a Trusted Supplier
Zappos Review- a Trusted Supplier
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